Last year, thanks to donor generosity, 125 scholarships were awarded through the Foundation, totaling in excess of $300,000.

We hope you apply! The process will take a few hours to complete, but this main application will be used for many of our available scholarships, making the process easier for you.

Scholarship application will be open December of 2021. 


There are also scholarships available for students with distinctive criteria that goes beyond our primary application. Please read below to see if you could apply for one of these scholarships. (These scholarship applications will open in December of 2021.)  

Other Awards Available NOT using the Community Foundation Scholarship Application:

Dorothy and Harold Brokering Windsor Scholarship – for a graduating senior from Windsor High School. Please contact the Windsor High School counseling office for more information.

Sharon Magnuson-Farr Scholarship – for a graduating senior from Eaton High School. Please contact the Eaton High School counseling office for more information.

Peschel Memorial Scholarship – for a graduating senior from Valley High School who is pursuing additional education in an agriculture major.

SasonsFund Scholarship – for one graduating senior from Greeley Central High School and one graduating senior from Greeley West High School.

Winograd Family Scholarships – for one graduating senior each from Greeley Central High School, Greeley West High School and Northridge High School.

Click here to review all scholarships available from the Community Foundation.

student stories of good

The Sason’s Fund Scholarship was established by family members in 2001 after the tragic and accidental death of Sason Sharify, a respected high school math

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“I will be graduating from Aims Community College in the Fall of 2020, and I must say, as I sit here writing this letter, appreciation

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“This scholarship, and what it stands for, and who it represents, means the world to me,”  writes Dario Garcia.  In 2016 a new scholarship was

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