who we are

Strengthening Our Bonds

Together with our donors, we’ve helped strengthen community bonds and developed an unmatched reliability in our region through 25 years of building social trust. We do not answer to a faceless corporate investment house who has no knowledge of local issues, politics, accomplishments, or trends. The Weld Community Foundation is managed by local volunteer leaders and staff who live, do business, educate their children, pay taxes, and recreate right here in Weld County.

Your Community Foundation is a grants and scholarships provider. Donors set up a fund (to be spent down or permanently endowed) and thus provide our county with support resources for decades to come. The task of stewardship is then carried out by a board of directors and staff dedicated to transparency and integrity.

The Weld Community Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the bonds that make our communities thrive through engaged philanthropy. 

Guided by Your Vision

We are your philanthropy tailors and with your vision, we will craft you a unique charitable place in the community. After you choose from a variety of funding strategies, we will construct and manage your gift to have a lasting impact here in Weld County and beyond, improving countless lives for generations. You get to watch the good spread from your contribution and embrace a special joy that comes solely from great generosity.

Weld Community Foundation has carved out a special place in the community through so many diverse connections. In awarding grants and support to area nonprofits, it has had the privilege of getting to know a vast majority of the nonprofit organizations who are diligently working in the region. In working with government and infrastructure, the Foundation has come alongside community movers and shakers, and in setting up funds with donors, it’s gotten to know visionaries who want their charitable gifts well-stewarded with strategic impact.

As a result of this special niche in the part of Northern Colorado we call home, the Community Foundation has been able to develop a unique perspective. From this vantage point, as it takes on the roles of supporter, leader, and philanthropic connector in Weld County, your Community Foundation hopes to enrich our quality of life in these communities we love.

Meet Weld County

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