A Non-Traditional Student Gets the Help She Needs

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“I will be graduating from Aims Community College in the Fall of 2020, and I must say, as I sit here writing this letter, appreciation does not even begin to express how I feel.

I am considered a non-traditional student. I am almost 30 years old, a female and a veteran. School has always been a hope of mine but always appeared to be just out of reach,” Katie Faris (pictured right) wrote in her thank you letter to her donor family. 

The John K. Jerome Family Scholarship was established in 2012 with people just like Katie in mind; non-traditional students who have a fierce work ethic, a strong character, and a sense of responsibility. 

John (pictured left) was a native of Greeley and believed in giving people a second chance, especially those willing to put in the effort. 

Katie concludes, “This scholarship means I can provide for myself and my family more so than I ever would have imagined. Once again, thank you for your contribution, your support and your trust in my education and my dreams.”