foundation investment management

How Does the Foundation Approach Investment Management?

The investment goal of the Community Foundation is to produce a strong and growing level of income in order to provide current funding for the Foundation’s various programs and to generate capital appreciation to maintain the purchasing power of the Foundation’s assets over time, considering the effects of inflation. Our investment approach provides a buffer against inevitable downturns in the stock and bond markets, allowing us to continue meaningful granting even during recessionary times.

The Foundation’s investment program is overseen by a highly-qualified Investment Committee who meets quarterly to review the portfolio. They evaluate the Foundation’s fund managers’ performance relative to benchmarks and report findings to the Foundation’s Board. The Investment Committee is comprised of community members including local attorneys, bankers and business professionals.

In a PDF below, you can read the Weld Community Foundation’s Investment Policy. This includes asset allocation guidelines, a spending policy, and criteria for measuring investment performance. The Foundation’s funds are professionally managed by Segall Bryant & Hamill, under the expertise and review of our Investment Committee.