There are three main resources we highlight for nonprofits. Our Grants Programs, The Endowment Challenge Grant, and The Spread the Good Classes

Apply for a Grant

Awards from Weld Community Foundation’s competitive grant programs are determined in partnership with local volunteers from throughout Weld. This locally-based advisory process ensures that grant opportunities address the changing needs of our communities.

Grants awarded from Weld Community Foundation have enriched many avenues of community; from senior care to youth, arts initiatives to capital campaigns. Take a look through our grants available and when the opening for application happens for each. For questions email We will help you with your process!

General Grant Guidelines
All grant applications happen online unless otherwise noted and must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the date of the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.
Grants will open online four months prior to their deadline.
For details and directions on how to apply to an online grant and navigate our system, click here.

Weld Community Foundation provides charitable funding to:

  • Nonprofits classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Other eligible tax exempt entities (such as municipalities, schools and faith-based organizations)
  • Non-exempt groups with a fiscal sponsor that is a 501(c)(3) organization, public school, or public agency
  • Organizations should also predominantly serve residents of Weld County, Colorado
Weld Community Foundation does not fund:
  • Expenses already incurred, deficit funding, debt retirement or funding to obligated commitments
  • Political campaigns
  • Lobbying in the form of calls to action on a specific vote
  • Religious activities: including, but not limited to, religious services, promotion of religious beliefs, or activities that are restricted to church or religious group membership

What to submit:

  • Submit only one application per grant program, though organizations may submit an application to more than one grant program (even those that share the same deadline).
  • All competitive grant program awardees are required to submit a Final Report. If your organization has failed to submit one, it will not be eligible for further funding until the missing report is filed.


Guiding Applicants through the Process Tutorial
Applying for a Grant with a Collaborator Tutorial


Click the button below to PREVIEW the guidelines and applications for all competitive Foundation grants. Please note that some forms contain logic questions and may not be required to complete each section of the application.  The link will allow you to preview forms prior to logging in or creating an account.  Please be aware that you may interact with the form but your responses will NOT be saved.


The Arts Alive! Fund alternates areas of support each year.

  • Arts Alive! Grants in 2022 to individual artists only (see additional information below).
  • Arts Alive! Grants in 2023 to nonprofit organizations only (see additional information below).


Individual Artist Grants – 2022

A grant offered from the Arts Alive! Fund is to support emerging artists in Weld County take the next step in their artistic development.

Individual Artist Deadline: Opens February 1, 2022 and closes June 1, 2022  (decisions will be made by the end of June 2022) 

Amount: up to $3,500


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, legal residents of Weld County and have resided in Weld County for at least 12 months at the time of application.


Organizational Grants – 2023

A grant offered from the Arts Alive! Fund is to enrich the arts in Weld County by supporting special interest projects in the visual, performing and literary arts, specifically for non-operational purposes.

Organizational Deadline: Opens spring 2023

Amount: up to $2,500 (subject to change)

Details  (in addition to the Weld Community Foundation’s General Grant Guidelines)

The Foundation looks for proposals that:

  • expand the availability of artistic and cultural experiences
  • increase access to the arts and humanities for underserved populations
  • increase community awareness of different ethnic and cultural art forms
  • preserve elements of past and current cultural forms
  • make an impact in creative ventures
  • have measurable outcomes
  • benefit the arts and humanities of the Weld County community 

The Arts Alive! Fund does not provide support for:

  • capital fund drives
  • endowments
  • multi-year funding
  • purchase of tickets for fundraising activities

This grant from the Boettcher Fund is for capital projects in Weld County. It is awarded to nonprofits making the greatest positive impact and addressing the greatest community needs. 

Deadline: Opens March 31, 2022 and closes July 31, 2022  (decisions will be made by the end of August 2022)

Amount: generally up to $15,000

What is a Capital Project?

A capital project is the addition of a permanent structural change or the restoration/renovation of some aspect of a permanent property that will either increase the property’s useful or essential function or service capacity, enhance quality of services, prolongs its useful life, or adapt it to new uses. Properties must be owned and used by a qualified Weld County, Colorado nonprofit organization.


The nonprofit’s capitol project must be in Weld County and serve the Weld County community. It should also be financially healthy with the ability to maintain the project after completion. 

If awarded, the grant will not exceed a one year payment schedule and won’t be released until building permits are approved for construction or renovation projects.

The Boettcher Fund does not typically fund projects for (exceptions may apply): 

  • equipment and/or furnishings only 
  • vehicle purchase(s) 
  • routine repairs & maintenance (defined as activities that are scheduled in advance and occur on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, which are normally included as an annually recurring cost in maintenance and repair budgets)
  • solar panels 
  • organizations that primarily serve animals (rescue, shelter, sanctuary, animal assisted therapy, etc.) 
  • organizations seeking funding for religious purposes such as a worship or education center 
  • an athletic facility and/or field 
  • historic preservation where the facility will not be utilized by the community 
  • healthcare facilities such as clinics or hospitals, and including mental health, dental and hospice care 
  • K-12 school facilities 
  • emergency services facilities such as fire stations and police stations as well as ambulance/EMS, dispatch/response, or search-and-rescue operations

The Greeley Rotary W. D. Farr Endowment Fund awards grants for the benefit of the youth of Greeley, Colorado; specifically programs that enhance quality of life, youth projects, or K-12 education projects.  

Deadline: Opens November 1, 2021 and closes January 31, 2022  (decisions will generally be made by mid-March 2022)

Amount: $500 to $2,500


The W.D. Farr Endowment Fund considers proposals from organizations with committed, skilled leadership and qualified staff to undertake the project. But only one proposal per organization will be considered for support.

Multi-year proposals are not considered; however, qualified organizations that receive funding are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.

Lastly, funded programs will have an opportunity to make a presentation on their program to the Greeley Rotary Club.

The W.D. Farr Endowment Fund does not support:

  • capital fund drives
  • endowments
  • multi-year funding
  • sponsorships
  • transportation 
  • individual scholarships 
  • scholarships or tuition assistance to private educational institutions


The Littler Youth Fund supports grants for youth programs/projects in Weld County and is all about making a positive impact in the lives of Weld County youth and addressing current and/or ongoing community needs.

Spring Deadline: Opens December 1, 2021 and closes March 1, 2022 (decisions will be made by the end of March 2022)

Fall Deadline: Opens June 15, 2022 and closes September 15, 2022 (decisions will be made by mid-October 2022)

Amount: up to $15,000


Organizations applying:

  • have programs that benefit the youth of Weld County (defined as birth to 18 years old)
  • address needs that are not met fully by existing organizational or community resources
  • have a well-planned approach to meeting an identified community issue and/or need
  • have an established base of support
  • bring committed, skilled leadership and qualified staff to undertake the project

The Community Foundation gives priority to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • provide for more efficient use of community resources, promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations and reduce the duplication of services in our community
  • test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques for solving important community problems
  • promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in community affairs
  • build on local community strengths and assets
  • initiate efforts that will continue and grow in their effectiveness

The Community Foundation does not make grants from the Littler Youth Fund for:

  • annual campaigns, special event fundraisers or sponsorships, the purchase of tickets for benefits, courtesy advertising
  • activities taking place before grant decisions are made
  • capital requests (except for items such as equipment which significantly increase an organization’s capacity and impact)
  • trips for schools or clubs
  • individuals
  • application for the same project less than one year apart
  • transportation
  • after-prom parties
  • scholarships or tuition assistance to private educational institutions


The Littler Youth Fund offers general operating grants to support nonprofits whose sole mission is dedicated to providing only services to youth in achieving their mission. Operating grants enable nonprofits to direct their spending where it is needed and focus on providing effective programs and services that will have the greatest impact in the lives of Weld County youth. Operating grants may be for one year or multiple years which will be determined by the review committee.

Operating grants are not available to schools or school foundations.

Deadline: Opens June 15, 2022 and closes September 15, 2022 (decisions will be made by mid-October 2022)

Please Note: Organizations may apply for both Program and General Operating grants for the Fall grant cycle but may only receive one grant. If an organization receives a multi-year General Operating grant, they will not be eligible to receive a Program grant during the General Operating grant period.

Grant Amount: up to $20,000

Award Amounts
Operating Grants funding request amounts will be based upon organizational operating budget size which serves Weld County and is not inclusive of major one-time or non-routine capital expenditures.

  • Organizations with budgets of less than $250,000 may seek up to $10,000.
  • Organizations with budgets between $250,000 to $500,000 may seek up to $15,000.
  • Organizations with budgets greater than $500,000 may seek up to $20,000.

Operating Grant Eligibility

In addition to the Weld Community Foundation’s General Grant Guidelines, you are eligible to apply for a Littler Youth Fund Operating grant if your organization:

  • has a sole mission of providing services to youth only
  • has a physical office in Weld County, Colorado and provides youth services in Weld County, Colorado
  • will only spend funds for programs that are exclusively serving the youth of Weld County, Colorado
  • has been operational AND providing direct services/programs in Weld County, Colorado for at least three years prior to application and has stable executive leadership
  • has previously received a Littler Youth Fund program grant and has submitted all final reporting documentation.

Criteria and Priorities for Applicants:

  • Well-established organizations with a proven track record providing services benefiting the youth of Weld County, Colorado
  • Have a current strategic plan or evaluation model that includes:
    • Clearly defined organizational goals and measurable program outcomes and outputs
    • A well-planned approach to meeting an identified community issue and/or need
  • Address needs that are not met fully by existing organizational or community resources
  • Organizations should have an established base of support
  • Have committed, skilled leadership and qualified staff
  • Show evidence of sound financial condition for three years or more with no deficits greater than 10% of the budget

Additionally, the Community Foundation looks or Organizations that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • provide for efficient use of community resources, promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations and reduce duplication of services in our community
  • test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques for solving important community problems
  • promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement
  • build on local community strengths and assets
  • initiate efforts that will continue and grow in their effectiveness

Teacher grants provide aid in the development of effective teaching strategies and projects by Weld County teachers. Grants will be awarded to teachers who encourage and support experiential learning, enhance student understanding and increase student achievement.

Deadline: Opens February 15, 2025 and closes June 15, 2020 (decisions will be made by mid-July 2022)

Amount: Individual teachers up to $2,000. A team of two or more teachers collaborating may apply for up to $5,000. 


Proposed projects must be submitted by an eligible educator* and may involve field trips, environmental or science projects, artistic or cultural experiences, civics or community service projects, and the creation of a final student product that promotes student learning. These grants are meant as a supplement to general operating funds, not as a substitute. A teacher may only be involved with one application per year.

*Eligible educators include those from elementary, K-8, middle, junior high and senior high schools in Weld County. Parochial and charter schools may submit applications. Non-teaching educational specialists, counselors, library and media personnel are also eligible to apply for these grants.

  • The school principal or administrator must understand and fully support the project, as evidenced by agreeing to the statement of support on the application form and final grant agreement. All checks awarded will be made payable to the school district/school and delivered directly to the school for the benefit of the teacher (or lead teacher if a collaborative project) to ensure proper depositing of the funds.
  • Project goals and learning objectives are clearly defined and tied to students’ academic needs. The expected impact on student performance is described for all participants.
  • If a field trip is involved, well-planned pre- and post-trip activities connected to classroom learning objectives are explained.
  • Activities, a timeline, and logistics are clearly described. Grant funds must be expended by May 1, 2023 (if more time is needed, a written request must be submitted).
  • The budget categorizes and shows item by item the use of grant funds. If the project costs more than $2,000 (up to $5,000 for collaborative projects of three or more educators) it is clear that other funding is secured to cover the balance. For those working on a joint project with other teachers or classrooms, the collaborative effort is explained.

Grant monies may be used:

  • To develop and implement creative and imaginative teaching approaches and techniques
  • To enhance or expand current projects that demonstrate success
  • To underwrite field trips and related expenses that are integral components of a project
  • To hire consultants as necessary resources for a project to be successful

Grant monies may NOT be used:

  • To underwrite purchase of equipment, unless equipment is an essential component for a proposed project and cannot be obtained through the district
  • To cover the costs of items normally included in the school’s general operating budget
  • To cover an educator’s salary outside the regular school calendar (i.e. after school or summer)
  • To cover the cost of transportation
  • To purchase computer hardware (Exceptions may apply)


Grants from this fund provide assistance for Weld County youth to attend leadership and other development programs. Funds are available on a matching or challenge basis to support youth that need financial assistance.

Deadline: Ongoing

Amount: Varies 


Must be 18 or under to apply.

A condition of the award is that recipients share their experience and knowledge gained with classmates, service clubs or media outlets (including a written report to the Community Foundation).



The purpose of this matching grant is to inspire Weld County nonprofits to secure their future by establishing or adding to an existing endowment fund! The Community Foundation will provide a match of $10,000 for each selected organization.

The minimum amount to open an endowment fund at the Community Foundation is $20,000. Through the Endowment Challenge, a nonprofit invests $10,000 or more to create an endowment and the Foundation awards up to $10,000 in matching funds.

All endowment funds generated through the Nonprofit Endowment Challenge will be managed by the Weld Community Foundation and will be placed into a permanent, named fund for the organization.

Each organization must contribute a minimum of $10,000 by December 31, 2023 and the Foundation will provide a match of $10,000.

Deadline: Opens October 15, 2021 and closes January 15, 2022 (decisions will be made by the end of February 2022)

Amount: $10,000 match


The Review Committee will give special consideration for: 

  • Incorporation of endowment building strategies into the overall development efforts of the organization
  • Involvement and demonstrated leadership of Board members in endowment fundraising
  • Marketing plans that incorporate endowment building and planned giving 
  • Organizational stability and track record in raising various types of funds.
  • Nonprofits who focus on plans to grow the endowment fund once it has been established
  • Meaningful mission statement for the organization.
  • The potential financial vitality and community impact of the organization.
  • The content and feasibility of the proposal outlining how a minimum of $10,000 will be contributed by December 31, 2023.
  • The ability, capacity and leadership of the organization to meet the stated challenge objectives.

Preference will be given to organizations which have been in existence for a minimum of three years. Preference will also be given to organizations who wish to establish their first organizational endowment, but the match is also open to those who have an existing endowment under the Community Foundation’s management and who wish to further build their fund.

Organizations selected for the Nonprofit Endowment Challenge will be offered consulting services to help build competencies and strengthen the agency. Organizations selected will additionally receive publicity for their endowment campaign from the Community Foundation.


This grant from the Windsor Community Foundation is to help meet the greatest needs in the Windsor/Severance area. 

The Windsor Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Weld Community Foundation and was created to serve the people of the greater Windsor community.

Deadline: Opens January 15, 2022 and closes April 30, 2022 (decisions will generally be made by the end of May 2022)

Amount: up to $3,500 (subject to change)



  • must have a project that has measurable outcomes
  • must have programs that serve the Windsor/Severance area
  • addresses needs that are not met fully by existing organizational or community resources
  • demonstrates a well-planned approach to meeting an identified community issue and/or need
  • has an established base of support
  • has committed, skilled leadership and qualified staff to undertake the project

The Windsor Community Foundation will, in particular, look for: 

  • partnership and volunteering opportunities
  • goal of program self-sufficiency
  • financial stability
  • opportunities to leverage funds

WCF does not provide support for:

  • capital fund drives
  • endowments
  • applications from the same organization less than one year apart
  • multi-year funding
  • sponsorships
  • transportation


Funding priority is focused on programming for girls and women and their economic self-sufficiency and self-esteem. Within that priority, the Women’s Fund concentrates its funding in two strategic areas: girls’ futures; and girls’ and women’s education, employment, training, and self-development. 

Deadline: Opens May 1st and closes August 31st. 


  • Click here for grant guidelines and eligibility requirements.
  • Click here to learn more about the Women’s Fund of Weld County.

The Endowment Challenge

You want to empower your nonprofit with lasting resources by starting an endowment? Through this special grant, the Weld Community Foundation can help this become a reality.

Traditionally, to start an endowment with the Foundation the upfront investment is $20,000. But for nonprofits awarded the Endowment Challenge, you only need to initially raise $10,000. Then the awarded grant matches your investment with another $10,000. 

Your endowment will help secure your nonprofit’s great future work for decades to come. 

Grant is now open for applications:


“Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity and our Board are both deeply committed to the work that we do to eradicate poverty housing. The Endowment Challenge from Weld Community Foundation provided the perfect avenue for us to provide an opportunity for individuals, believers and supporters of our mission to invest in the longevity and sustainability of our organization and provide pathways out of poverty through affordable homeownership for families for generations to come.”
Lowrey Moyer, Faith & Development Director

Spread the Good Classes

The Foundation hosts a class for nonprofits once a month, January through June. The classes are free and the topics vary each session, as nonprofits suggest to the Foundation the current issues they want covered, guiding the content. 

Stay tuned for upcoming information regarding the 2022 schedule. 

“I am a new executive director and I’m prepping for the 2019 Board Retreat. So much of the information covered today can be used at this event, as well as helping the board to move forward!” 
2019 Spread the Good Class nonprofit leader

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