We know your clients have the desire to make this county a better place. We’ll come alongside you every step of the way to help your clients make their visions of philanthropy become a real, lasting impact in our area. With long-term investing and long-range solutions, we have a history in Weld for being the proven steward when managing community investment.

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There’s no bureaucratic red-tape here like you might find at other non-local, over-sized institutions. We do not answer to a faceless corporate investment house who has no knowledge of local issues, politics, accomplishments, or trends. The Weld Community Foundation is managed by local volunteer leaders and staff who live, do business, educate their children, pay taxes, and recreate right here in Weld County.

Give us a call and we can schedule a sit down to discuss all your questions. Contact us at 970-304-9970.


If your client is interested in creating a charitable fund, here is a helpful flow-chart of the different types of charitable funds offered at the Foundation. There are a lot of different options available, from Donor-Advised to Scholarship Funds, which means there are many ways you can tailor a gift to match ways to enrich the community.

Download Charitable Funds Flow-Chart

If your client is requesting language towards giving an end-of-life gift, here is a Sample Bequest you can download and use to clarify how gifts are given to the Foundation in an estate plan.

Download Sample Bequest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Developing a charitable plan that takes into account your client’s financial and charitable needs is no small task. As a professional advisor, the opportunity to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals using advanced planning strategies is both a privilege and a challenge. The Community Foundation wants to be a resource for you, as well as a philanthropic partner for your clients. A full understanding of charitable giving options, which can offer significant tax benefits, can help your clients achieve their financial, personal or business goals. The Community Foundation has an outstanding reputation for integrity and service to donors, and has developed resources for you to use in helping donors craft their charitable giving plans.

There are many practical reasons why establishing a charitable fund at the Community Foundation might be better than creating a private foundation. Both options provide tools for strategic giving, but the differences between the two are extensive — from tax issues and yearly payouts to operations and cost. Our staff is pleased to provide additional information regarding the benefits of establishing a charitable fund rather than a private foundation.

The Community Foundation offers several types of funds to help your client accomplish their charitable goals. Staff members are available to discuss these options with you and help your client select one or more funds that best suit their philanthropic needs. Create a Fund

It is easy to establish a fund at the Community Foundation. Your clients can simply decide which type of fund best meets their interests and needs, determine their charitable priorities, select a name for the fund, and make an establishing gift. The Community Foundation can typically prepare and complete the written Fund Agreement in less than one day.

All funds must be established with a minimum gift, with the amount determined by the type of fund. There is no maximum limit, and no set-up fee. Create a Fund

The Community Foundation is about more than transactions; we are about relationships.  While fees collected for administering funds held at the Community Foundation support the processing of grant checks, accepting and acknowledging donations, completing annual audits and reporting; they also make fund holders part of the change we enable in the communities we serve.  It’s the strategic grant-making, the donor-connections, the facilitated dialogues, the nonprofit training and the promotion of charitable giving that ultimately transform the communities we call home.  Our current fee schedule is located on our Financials and Policies page, and our staff can answer any questions you may have.

Yes! The Community Foundation offers different investment pools, and donors may advise that the fund be invested in a way that best aligns with their needs, values and interests. Our staff is happy to review the investment options with you, and assist your client as requested.

Investment options are outlined in Appendix A of the Investment Policy 

Funds may be established with many different types of gifts or cash, securities traded on major exchanges, closely held stock, mutual fund shares, real estate, bequests, interests in limited partnerships, and more! The Community Foundation staff is experienced at evaluating unusual assets and can accommodate them for charitable purposes.

Charitable giving should warm a donor’s heart, not burden him with tax complications and ongoing administrative details. Once your clients decide on the type of fund they would like to establish, our staff can set it up with a simple governing document that typically requires less than one day to prepare and complete. Complex gifts may require additional review and analysis.

Absolutely. Your clients may use their own names, the names of individuals to be honored or memorialized, or the name of a business. Some donors select a more general name to retain anonymity.

A member of our staff would be happy to meet with you. Please call the Community Foundation at (970 304-9970) to schedule a time that works best for you and your client.

Charitable Investment Partnership Policy

Would you like to establish a fund to the Community Foundation but still maintain your own professional advisor/ money manager? Through our Charitable Investment Partnership Policy, your gift can be managed separately from the Community Foundation’s investment pool.

Though the assets become the property of the Community Foundation, the Foundation may retain your professional advisor as the investment manager while the funds are invested under the Foundation’s Investment Policy. The Foundation will still hold periodic performance reviews with oversight provided by its Investment Committee.

Download Charitable Investment Partnership Policy

types of assets we accept: gifts of now & later

We welcome gifts of cash, which includes checks and online gifts using a credit or debit card, but we also encourage donors to consider making gifts of appreciated assets. These could be securities, such as stocks and bonds or mutual funds. We also accept gifts from retirement funds, including charitable rollover gifts to meet required minimum distributions. We accept cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Plus, you can name Weld Community Foundation as a beneficiary (or secondary beneficiary) of your retirement fund, your life insurance policy or your bank or brokerage account. Be sure to designate Weld Community Foundation as the beneficiary or payee and note the desired fund name.

Some gifts will need reviewing before we can accept them. This includes gifts of closely held stock, life insurance policies that are not fully paid policies and real property, which should have a minimum value of $100,000 after sale and reasonably be sold within six months. We can also consider planned and testamentary gifts such as gifts of charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts, retained life tenancy in a residence, ranch, or farm or bargain sales.