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A true community is more than a place where people live. It is where people experience personal connection and belonging, celebrate heritage and diversity, seek opportunity and knowledge, and lift each other up in times of hardship.

Together, let’s strengthen the bonds that make our communities thrive.

for greater impact

​Creating a thriving community is no small task. Weld Community Foundation provides grants and scholarships and support thanks to your incredible generosity. Here are some ways you can become a champion of local philanthropy.

for greater service

Your nonprofit is impacting lives and enriching neighborhoods. But it’s always a struggle to find resources. Thanks to the vision of local donors, the Weld Community Foundation is able to offer grants, education, and support directly to nonprofits. Let us help your community-building causes!

for greater fulfillment

Don’t let the lack of resources stop you from pursuing your dreams of a greater education. Thanks to donor generosity, the Weld Community Foundation has more than 100 scholarships available each year. An hour or two could change your life.

2020 good numbers


$18.6 million

asset growth the
 last 5 years



grantees given across 11 program areas


$1.78 million

in charitable distribution



Scholarships distributed
to Weld County students

To honor what we all cherish about our county, the Weld Community Foundation has commissioned a book by the renowned photographer John Fielder.