Why the Big Evolution in Our Branding?

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Weld Community Foundation Logo

Why the new name and new look?

We’re still the same trusted and respected Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County. The name has served us well, but let’s be honest, the name was certainly more than a mouthful and took even longer to write it out. And it was too long to fit into many forms and applications!

The ultimate decision was to keep it short, not get too fancy with a new name, and just let it reflect who we are and who we serve.

We are the Weld Community Foundation. 

Three simple words. But each word carries significance.

As the Community Foundation transitions to a new stage in its growth, it recognizes that a true community is more than a place where people live. It is where people experience personal connection and belonging, celebrate heritage and diversity, seek opportunity and knowledge, and lift each other up in times of hardship. Together, let’s strengthen the bonds that make our communities thrive.

And do you like our new logo? It reflects our new slogan, which is written below, so perfectly. Each donor makes an impact, and from each and every donation, the gift is multiplied exponentially . . .

Spread the Good