New Podcast Series from Weld Found

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Weld Found is a podcast produced through the Weld Community Foundation about community and what it looks like to recover the lost art of belonging. 

Releasing today is the first episode of “Where Water Flows Uphill”, a special series from Weld Found that is asking, In the coming flood of change, who do we want to be? 

The series will follow Wes Bruce as he is creating a large-scale, interactive art installation at LINC (the Library and Innovation Center in downtown Greeley, CO). His work in the heart of the LINC is inspired by the 100 acres around the Poudre River, an area called Signature Bluffs. 

In this first episode we meet Wes, an artist who’s been described as Willy Wonka meets Mr. Rogers. He just might be the unlikely guide this community needs right now.

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