Thank You for an Incredible 2022 Luncheon!

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Friends of the Foundation,

We are so thankful for the incredible time at the annual Spread the Good Luncheon! This is said with utmost sincerity: when we reflect on all of you who took the time to come to and/or sponsor the luncheon, we are so deeply honored and thankful. The support for the Foundation and the work of its donors in the community is felt and sincerely, deeply appreciated.

Wes Bruce, a professional artist, was the main presenter. What a fascinating person! He was entertaining, creative, and led some meaningful moments for us. When it comes to making a large-scale, interactive installation for LINC (Library and Innovation Center), he is so obviously the right person for the job!

An event like this wouldn’t happen without help from the Foundation’s sponsors! We are so thankful for their support and they are listed below. Here’s to another great year in giving… Spread the Good!