Weld Found Podcast, Season 2, Begins

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A Compelling Podcast About True Community

Last August the Community Foundation launched a podcast about belonging in an age of social isolation and disconnection. The hope was to help people feel more connected to where they live by featuring compelling stories from their own backyard. But the podcast was produced in such a way as to appeal to people beyond Weld County as well, inspiring community wherever you live.

Season 1 covered a lot of territory in its 8 episodes with features like Neyla Pekarik (formerly of the Lumineers) sharing her Rattlesnake Kate project, a walk-through of the Colorado Model Railroad Museum, a graveyard tour of Linn Grove, and a holiday tasting with Weldwerks brewing… 

With 3,700 downloads and counting, we celebrate that people are finding Weld Found to be compelling and connecting. This furthers the Foundation’s mission of strengthening the bonds that make our communities thrive… 

Some wins worth noting following the release of season 1:  

*Inspired by the episode She Escaped, which tells the story of Megan Lundstrom breaking free of the sex trade and starting the nonprofit Free Our Girls, an anonymous donor gave a large donation to support the organization. 

*After hearing Weld Found, a man in Pennsylvania contacted Tim Coons, host of the podcast, to discuss making a similar program for his own county. He began production this year! 

*Also, the Foundation has received very encouraging notes and “reviews” for the show. The following is from Natalie Mash: 

“My husband and I have been longtime residents and champions of Greeley.  We believe it to be a special place, full of wonderful people and businesses and schools and parks with so many things to do and beautiful art to see.  The Weld Found podcast has been able to put language and story to the cities of Weld County and bring out the people and organizations that make this community such a gem.  One of my favorite episodes to date is “The Welcome Wagon” which highlights the stories of the new-comers in our community, folks from all over the world who have made their homes here over the last 10 years.  It was so compelling to hear in their own words and voices the reasons that Greeley/Evans feels like home, after having been displaced from the country of their birth and often being separated from friends and family.  Weld Found is about celebrating our connections to our neighbors and others in our community and I appreciate the focus on finding home, connection and meaningful relationships for those newest to our cities.”

Natalie Mash 
long-time Greeley resident
Refugee Program Coordinator at Sunrise Monfort Family Clinic
school board director 

Season 2 Begins with an Exclusive Artist Interview

On UNC’s campus, in the new Campus Commons next to the University Center, there’s an art installation that is unlike any other. It’s called Yucca Fountain, based on a real place that has since disappeared. And the installation itself is disappearing as well: It’s only there until March 11th. 

In this first episode of season 2, we tour the gallery/ gathering space together, in an exclusive interview with the artists as they talk about community, mystery, and time.