Redefining the Modern Philanthropist: Lexi

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The story begins with Lexi’s older sister: Several years ago, a tragedy occurred when 15 year-old University Schools student, Annessa, died. 

To honor Annessa’s memory, her family set up the Annessa Sanchez Memorial Fund. She was a passionate musician, so this fund would benefit the music program at University Schools. For many years now, the fund has granted to the program, strengthening the school’s arts. 

This past spring, as a senior project, Annessa’s younger sister, Lexi, put on a virtual 5K, with people participating from all over the United States.

Her efforts raised $2,368 for the music program and continues to honor her sister’s legacy. 

We cheer Lexi on and celebrate her as a new generation of philanthropists doing incredible good for their community!