strong bond society

To leave a legacy to your community through a planned gift is no small thing. At the Community Foundation we are proud to honor you as a catalyst for good; a true community member with the strong vision of building permanent, charitable capital!

The Strong Bond Society (formerly known as Centennial Society) was inaugurated in 2006 by our Board of Directors. It is a means to recognize and thank those people who share this vision of community good; who are willing to share their estate plans with the Foundation. Society members will be invited to special events and will be recognized in published rosters of the members, with the hopes that upon seeing your compassion others will be encouraged to consider planned gifts as well. (Members may remain anonymous if they desire.)

If you are in the process of making or revising your estate plan, please consider making a gift for this community’s future through the Community Foundation. The steps to take to become a member of the Strong Bond Society are as follows:

1. Make a planned or deferred gift in any amount to the Community Foundation.  There are many possible methods for making a gift, either during your lifetime or through your estate.  (Your legal or financial advisor can help you evaluate the best options for you.)

2. Provide the Community Foundation with a copy of that portion of your estate planning document pertaining to the gift.

3. Sign a Statement of Gift Intention form for the Strong Bond Society. Here is the Statement of Gift Intention form, if you’d like to take a look at it now. 

JULY 1, 2021
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Strong Bond Society Members

Dan and Deb Austin
Tim and Eunice Bates
Dick and Reva Bond
Ruth Brunner
Col. and Mrs. Stanley Cass
Bill and Sharon Farr
John W. and Delia Haefeli
George and Betty Hall
Bill and Theresa Hertneky
Jack and Janet Jerome
Mike Ketterling
Ray and Judy Knapp
Norman Lyster
Tom and Barb Macgillivray
Sandy Magnuson and Ken Norem
Rand E. and Maggie Morgan
Pete and Jean Morrell
Norm and Marty Noe
Julie Sauter
R. Lee and Rebecca Seward
Pam and Jim Shaddock
Marcia Siebring
Howard and Beverley Skinner
Pat Sprock
Scott and Pat Thomas
Anonymous (12)


Byron and Margaret Brown
Charles “Chuck” Childers
Nelle and William Deason
Elizabeth C. Lyster Eckles
Mary Gillespie
Tom and Nona Gordon
Lucille J. Gray
Jerry Gress
Mildred Hansen
Gladys Hopkins
Phylabe Houston
Leoma Hunter
Mary and Hubert Littler
Ernest and Jean Martin
Helen C. McCandless
Glenn McDonald
Edna Rady
Gerald Rennels
Howard and Marjory Smith
Freda Schott Tyler
Wilbert R. Wiedeman
Florence Winograd